Sierra Nevada CD ROMs

Description: These multi-media CD-ROMs for Windows® are content-rich publications that cover over 5000 square miles of the Sierra Nevada from Sequoia National Park in the south through Desolation Wilderness in the north. Together these publications have 6000 color photographs (roughly half of them in each of the two CDs), scrollable topographic maps that cover the entire area, over 3000 miles of trail descriptions, and 14 million altitude values.

Not canned guide books, they allow you to "walk" a trail of your choice, and when you get to a trail junction decide where to go. Altitude profiles and distances are updated as you view the pictures taken along that trail. If you want suggestions, there are 275 predefined trips in the system that you can preview, walk and then print hardcopy descriptions to take with you into the mountains. Or define your own trips.

Each of the CDs is independent of the other and can be used alone. If you have both of them, however, they are integrated with each other which makes it easy to move from one area to the other. Note that the boundary between Sierra Nevada North and Sierra Nevada South is the southern border of Yosemite National Park.

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