For Existing Users

If you are an existing version 1 user, contact Mountain Images for information on purchasing Version 2.

A service pack version 2.2.1 has been released that corrects a number of conditions (an initialization error, a spurious "insufficient memory" message, a problem with saving of user-defined trips, an error message when doing a "locate" within the Yosemite Valley area, a relief shading map inversion in Yosemite, an overflow message on some extremely long trips, and a transitional anomaly when walking a trail from one guide to the other).  This service pack can be downloaded here (or you can call Mountain Images for a floppy update). After downloading the self-extracting ZIP file to any directory of your choice, you can run it and the program will unzip some replacement files into your Mtnimage directory (or other location if you so specify). Note that this executable should only be run after Sierra Nevada North and/or Sierra Nevada South have been installed.

download vs 2.2.1 (1139kb)

Version 2.2.3 provides a variety of trailhead updates (where to get permits, phone numbers, etc.) for 2002.  (Next update will be 2004).  

download vs 2.2.3 (205kb)