Named Features in the Sierra Nevada CD-ROM

The publication lists by name over 3000 features (a feature is a lake, mountain, peak, pass, hot spring, etc.) One can select a feature from the list box, and the system will show where that feature is (by positioning the topographical map and highlighting it) and then display any pictures that are available for that feature.

Another way of selecting a feature is to illuminate on the map all the features that the system "knows" about, and then scroll around and click on the feature you are interested in. The name and altitude will be displayed along with any color photographs that show that feature.

In the list box shown below, features highlighted in red are those for which there are one or more photographs available, while for entries in black there are no photographs assigned.

Feature Locator

For quite a number of the lakes, there is allocation information which identifies the trout species that have been planted at that lake.