Pictures in the Sierra Nevada CD-ROM

The publication contains about 6000 color photographs. These pictures were taken while walking the trails in the mountains and show what the trail and terrain is like and what one might see from that area. All photographs are identified by reference to map coordinates as well as direction, so that any time a picture is displayed a directional arrow will appear on the topographic map showing where and in what direction that picture was taken.

Photographs can be displayed automatically during walking or in response to selecting a feature
(like a mountain, lake, pass) from the list of features. Photographs occasionally contain legends
that identify particular features.

Pictures in the system display as full screen images (at 640 x 480 resolution) while others are about one third that size (approximately the size of the picture below). If your monitor is currently displaying at 256 color depth, the pictures at this site will not have landscape quality color:
the CD does require 64k or more color depth.