Sierra Nevada Trips

While the system encourages one to explore the trails by walking around, Sierra Nevada North and South combined contain 275 described trips. These trips range in length from short day hikes to the 200+ mile John Muir Trail. Each trip can be previewed, where a preview consists of locating the trip generally in the Sierra Nevada, and then a narrated overview accompanied by a few photographs. If after looking at a preview the user wants to see the trip in detail, an automatic walk of that trip can be started. Like any other walk, the system traces out the trail and displays photographs, updates trail statistics and an altitude profile: but in this case when a trail junction is reached the program will automatically take the correct trail for this trip.

There is a trip selection capability where you can describe your desired trip in terms of duration, average distance/day, areas of the Sierra that are of interest, and a few other parameters, and have the system narrow the list of candidate trips to those that satisfy those criteria.

Trip selection screen (reduced size image)

You can also produce a hard copy printout for a trip. This is something that you can take with you and describes where you get permits, how to drive to the trailhead, what the quota period is, what 7 1/2" USGS maps you could use for that trip, and what the distance and altitude gain and loss are. Then there will probably be trail descriptions of most of the individual trail segments that make up that trip, followed by a map with the trail traced out on it. Trail descriptions, incidentally, always read "the way you are walking": you will no longer need to "read trail descriptions backwards", and then jump to day 4 of trip 27 for the next trail section.

Most importantly, you can define your own trips and add them to the library of described trips (and then you can print them out just like any other trip).