Walking in the Sierra Nevada CD-ROM

Almost all of the major trails and many of the minor trails and popular cross-country routes have been digitized. There are several different ways of initiating a "walk" on a trail: one way is to drop the hiking man icon onto a trail displayed on the map. The system will highlight the trail section and allow you to begin "walking".

Initiating a walk (reduced size image)

When a walk is started, the system will trace the trail on the map until reaching a place where a picture was taken. The picture is displayed along with the directional arrow on the map showing where and in what direction the picture was taken. Statistics on the walk so far (distance, net gain and net loss) are updated as is an altitude profile. The user then walks a bit further to the next picture or to a trail junction. At a trail junction the trail signs are displayed, and narrative descriptions of the trail segments can be viewed. When a decision is made as to which direction to continue walking, that trail sign is clicked and the walk resumes in the indicated direction.

Trail Junction and description

A walk can be interrupted at any time and one can view pictures on the map, and then the walk resumed.